Happy Christmas - season's greetings and nighttime photography

Usually Christmas at our home is a splash of colour, decor and carols and everything Christmassy under the sky. This time, because of COVID 19, Christmas was slightly different, but no less fun and maybe a lot more meaningful.

On Christmas morning, we cleaned house and got ready for a HUGE lunch, while prepping up with the side dishes (chocolate cookies, Christmas cake, cutlets etc). By and by all of the relatives on my mother's side visited and the bowls of food on the table multiplied, which made up for a very tasty and satisfying lunch, which we ate while swapping stories, having fun and generally enjoying ourselves.

Come night, we visited my grandmother's home where I did my own bit of night time photography while my parents and my aunts chatted about current events of the country. Their garden, so unlike our own, is full of flowers at any given time. 

We tried our hand at stargazing (something about Jupiter and Saturn being conjunction these days) but the only stars we could see were the firecrackers that went off now and then, which seemed to wish us a merry Christmas each time they burst.

If you're reading this now, I wish all of you a very happy and peaceful Christmas as well!

To get a better idea if what our usual Christmases are like, read this post I wrote last year.


  1. Piękne zdjęcia serdecznie Cię pozdrawiam szczęśliwych Świat.

  2. merry christmas and a great new year 2021
    stay healthy
    greetings frank

  3. So beautiful!! I love your photos and your decorations. This is my favorite time of year. Blessings to you and your family.


  4. I'm too late to wish you a happy Christmas, but hope that you and your family have a splendid year in 2021. I like those night-time flower pictures, something I should try perhaps - but not for a few months yet as there are very few flowers that survive our winters.

  5. How do you do ? Greetings Caroline


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