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A misty day

Sunrise, in Wilpattu National Park.

In 2016, we got the opportunity for a three-day stay at the Manawila Bungalow, right inside the Wilpattu National Park. Being in a bungalow gave us the opportunity to see the nature of the park as you can't see when you enter it at 6.00 am or so from the main entrance.
Wilpattu National Park is generally semi-arid scrubland and dry forest, a place where sunlight shines generously. So it was a pleasant surprise when we woke up to see the shallow lake 'villu' in front of the bungalow wreathed in mist.

The chill of that morning was so unlike the harsh sun of the day before, and we wrapped ourselves up from the stringing wind inside the safari jeep. The mist blanketed the shallow villus, obscuring their banks, and making way for some very mystical images...

The mist is probably blown in by the sea wind, condensing overland. By the time the other visitors get to these places, the mist would probably have cleared up and gone. We felt the chill in …

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