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A Garden Photoshoot

It’s pretty interesting how much you can see in my small garden surrounded by walls and tall flats, with a layer of concrete six inches beneath the topsoil!
Battling ants

Miniature star fruits

The culprit caught red-handed laying eggs on my father's favourite Kathurumurunga bush

A rosebud

Okay, this isn’t in our garden but I felt like I had to put it - the incredible innovation of house crows, making nests behind A/C units! No wonder they’re called the cleverest birds.

Some incredible greenery

A Sawfly

Some macro close-ups

And I couldn’t resist throwing in a few photos of our cat, who is now thinking of considering itself as a part of our family...

It seems as if coronavirus cases are on the rise again in Sri Lanka, and we have to say hello to a new episode of self isolation...
On a much brighter note, my sisters and I have decided to start a new blog, Doodles and Daydreams. You’re invited to take a look, comment and share! Since I write all about nature and travel here, our new blog will be…

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